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Beyond the stars
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Lots of choices

Droadro (inverted, most say a DH race only fork, because of the constant mantainance)
Stance (lower end, not the best dampeners)
Sherman (some dudes like this fork, some don't)

888 (several levels, R, RR, RC, VF, etc. a good starting platform to build/upgrade upon)
Monster T (great dampeners, just very heavy)
Super T (and upgraded Jr. T, better, but not the best)
Jr. T (prone to spiking, but OK for just single hits)
Shiver (inverted, MX cartridges)

DH 40 rc2 (the hot ticket right now, but cost big bucks)

Boxxer WC, Race, Team ( some say "friends don't let friends ride BoXXer's", others think they are good, older dampener technology)

There are other offerings from Co.'s like white bro.'s and xxyyzz but I think I listed the main-stream offerings, prices range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars.

And then there is used forks . . . (where you could get a good fork, or you could get a rock)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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