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Ok Konamonkeys, I need an opinion.

I've got two considerations in entering the Kona family:

The first being to pick up a dawg primo frame, and build it up with the parts from my old Trek which would include:
Juicy 7 discs
LX hollowtech II cranks
Fox Talas R fork
Monkeylite bars
(and purchase the following)
XO shifters
XM derailleurs
DT Swiss hubs and mavic rims

The second option would be to just purcahse the Kik deluxe and throw the brakes and fork onto it.

I'm leaning toward the first option, since I've got a 5" travel fork which would be more or less wasted on the Kik, and the shock on the rear of the Primo is just that much nicer.


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Piece a cake....

Build up the Dawg Primo. NO Brainer IMO :D
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