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Dave Weagle launches new suspension system, SPLIT PIVOT

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Check this out... It's like a QR threw axle for the rear. I know the newer DH/FR bikes have the threw axle rears now. But know they are putting it on the XC/AM bikes...

This week, Dave Weagle, the creator of the World Champion and internationally acclaimed dw-link suspension introduces a new system to the cycling world. The new system is called SPLIT PIVOT and features worldwide patent pending concentric dropout pivot technology never seen before. A web site dedicated to the system, was launched earlier in May 2007.

Dave had the following to say about the launch of the new system: "I'm thrilled to finally be able to show Split Pivot off. This has been something that I've worked on for quite a while, years actually, licensed to partners and talked to others behind closed doors, built prototypes, but nobody in the public has seen it yet. It's so hard to keep something so exciting a secret for so long so I am glad that part is over. I think that riders are really going to enjoy this system. It allows for atypical pivot placement that works great for acceleration and bump absorption and the concentric dropout pivot lets me tune braking forces at the same time. Basically the Split Pivot bikes are a lot of fun to ride."

What is it?

Split Pivot is a worldwide patent pending suspension system for high performance bicycles, where traction, efficiency, maneuverability, and frame stiffness are important factors on the track and trail. Split Pivot's [concentric dropout pivot] is the heart of this new design and provides performance that no single pivot can duplicate. Shaped by Dave Weagle's competition proven engineering, Split Pivot is designed to offer a ride that will make you smile.

How does it work?

Split Pivot separates acceleration forces from braking forces in the suspension. The system reduces excess suspension compression due to acceleration forces, and at the same time reduces excess compression due to braking forces. Braking neutrality can be tuned independently of acceleration characteristics, and leverage rate curves can be tuned to meet the needs of the application. Shock layout can be vertical, horizontal, floating or even driven by a modifier link.

The system lends itself to ease of manufacture, and can be engineered to build lightweight frame structures without resorting to exotic materials or tube shapes. Featuring 12mm thru axle, QR 12mm axle, or 10mm vertical QR possibilities, plenty of stock wheels fit the design.

Bottom Line: Split Pivot can be engineered to offer a ride that will make you want to be on your bike more often.

Split Pivot will be available Worldwide in late 2007 and early 2008, details on brands and models to come soon. Prototypes are out there, keep your eyes peeled!

Split Pivot,, and Ride for fun! are pending trademarks of Split Pivot Inc. [email protected] Ride for fun!

source: Dave Weagle,
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Looks like the 08 Treks

Trek v.s DW
i wonder how much better it really rides???
I would imagine it's similar to a Horst link style suspension but better under braking loads.
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