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Dart Spring kit - does it include spacer?

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Hi, I upgraded my fork to a Tora 318 air solo, but want to put the leftover 100mm Dart 3 on an old hardtail that needs an 80mm or less fork.

I've researched the Dart, and downloaded all manuals. The springs for the 80/100mm versions are the same part #'s The exploded parts view shows a spacer inside the coil spring, but doesn't give a part#.

I disassembled my Dart for service, and there's no spacer, so I'm assuming that is what I need to get to reduce it to 80mm.

If I get a rockshox spring kit, does it come with a spacer or just the spring itself. I found places to buy the kit, but I haven't found out what comes in it.
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OK, I got this question answered myself.

Even though the Dart exploded parts view shows what looks like a spacer, there isn't one in either fork.

I got an 80mm Dart 2, and disassembled it to compare it to the 100mm, and I found that 2 parts are shorter in the left leg of the 80mm Dart 2. If you look at the dart exploded view, one part is just below the top cap and fits into the top of the spring. The other part is the shaft damper which comes through the bottom of the left stanchion, and the leg bolts to it from the bottom.

You can swap the parts between darts to get the reduced travel, (like I did) but the design of the fork doesn't allow you to adjust travel with a spacer like other forks.

Here is the parts manual: RockShox SPC_Rev A (Rev A price list).pdf

Pm me if you have any questions or need any help.
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