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Darren on the tube

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found this on, not Benders 100 ft drop but looks like a good time:

So right now im sitting on a plane heading to the specialized warehouse then to utah to shoot for this tv show called stunt junkies airing on discovery channel, so basically im doing a stunt in which were scouring the utah landscape in a helicopter for the ultimate big mountain line then i got some builders such as red headed ryley to help build whatever it is i find to shred. So it will be a full hour of myself entailing interviews with my family and friends and a bunch of riding footage from the films ive done in the past and appearances from jordie lunn and ryan my brother and geoff gullevich as well so keep your eyes peeled for that show anywho im dont want to type anymore cuz there is this rather large dude in front of me and he is shaking the entire row of seats and its hard to type so peace out...
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no say, probably won't be for a while seeing that there filming
if it hasnt even started filming dont expect it for at least 5-7 months....
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