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Darkhorse preride sat. 7/8???

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anybody up for meeting or pooling up for a quicky 2hrs at the stewart course tomorrow sometime?
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Yea, noontime on Saturday

Hey there, there is 3 of us preriding at noon. George, the director, says the course is already marked. Other of our team prerode 2 days ago. Says its fast with very few wet spots, some soft sand. Predict fast laps if the weather isn't too hot and dry conditions remain. see you there, NJ Jess
Great ride, huh!

Did we have fun or WHAT!
Word. Had a frikin great time. Thats what a course should be like on raceday.
it was great to meet everyone. ride soon.
soon as my back straitens, that is.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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