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Damaged crank section of frame

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Went out for a ride today with my Rockhopper and approached this section of the walkway that I thought was a smooth downhill, but when I realized it was large steps I panicked and put on the front brakes. Did it too abruptly that the rear went up, but not enough to throw me over. Not sure if this was when my chain popped off the front gears, but I believe it was... noticed it was off the gears and sitting on the frame part when I got down to the bottom of the steps. Friend told me to hold the back up and move the pedals and that the chain would eventually catch, which it did. Unfortunately doing so put some gouges in the frame as seen in this picture.

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Should I worry about these gouges and should I get it repaired if it's even possible?
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They hardly look like gouges, I wouldn't worry.
But the frame is exposed now... shouldn't I at least cover it up so it doesn't turn into rust?
dimm0k said:
But the frame is exposed now... shouldn't I at least cover it up so it doesn't turn into rust?
It's Al; don't worry about it. There's nothing in that picture that needs to be fixed.
Thanks for the replies and reassurance guys! As you can quickly gander, I'm still newb with my first bike.
You'll drop the chain a lot if you start to really use that Rockhopper. Next time just pick up the chain and put it back on the chainring you were on.
it wont rust, i have a large piece of aluminium exposed on the downtube of my stumpjumper for the last year, looks exactly the same, if you want to cover it just dab a black sharpie on it
if the aluminum rusts, then you can make a small fortune
if a chain can damage the frame significantly through normal riding, you are some kind of wizard
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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