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Dakar XC Sport

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Just bought a new Jamis Dakar XC Sport today. Took it out for a maiden voyage. Huge improvement over my previous department store hardtail.

Looking forward to riding more.
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I love my dakar xc

I've got a 2008 Dakar XC. I've made a lot of upgrades, but I've always loved the bike. I've got mine down to a little less than 30 lbs, and it makes a pretty good endurance race bike. It's great fun to take out on the trails out of the box, and can be made into a more serious bike if you become a more serious rider.I've done some 24-hour races and a 100-mile race with mine, and the bike didn't hold me back. Have fun!
i second that, have a 2008 dakar xc as well, great xc trail bike. Ive upgraded mine a bit as well, the stock fork in 08 was garbage, but a 318 tora air quickly fixed that! for some reason i enjoy the feel of the stock fox coil over rear.... prolly wont upgrade that unless it craps out.
I just purchased a 09 dakar xc. I took it on a quick spin today and i really like it. I plan to upgrade some things later but for now i will just ride it to death!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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