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well it happened. my bike collection needed more company. i made the leap and ventured in to the full suspension world with a salsa caballero. after much searching for a cool bike that met my requirements and parts(withought having to swap out lots of parts) i decided to just go for a custom build. this has left me with prettymuch my dreambike that will require little to no upgrades.

so far i have taken it out for two rides and cristened(sp) it with its first crash over the bars this morning, and it is great. its a rocket on the climbs and its a blast on the downs as it flys over everything. something weird that i noticed about its ride charateristics was that under light pedalling it will bob slightly but as i start to hammer harder and harder it will bob less and less. the new marathon fork is sweet and needs almost no break in period. the tires have also impressed me. they seem to have even better grip than my fire xc's. i would have to say the best part of all is that it just flows through sincletrack soo nicely.

as this being my first full susser i cant really compare it to much else but its quite the ride and it leaves me feeling fresher at the end with minimal lower back pain. now only if i could convince my parents that i do need more than 5 bikes. lol

the build is as follows.

2004 salsa caballero with rs sid
2005 marathonm sl
dt xr4.1d rims with xt centerlock hubs and supercomp spokes
schwalbe skinny jimmy tires
dk mph headset
x9 shifters and rear der
xt front der
blue teflon whipperman chain
xt hydraulic discs
ritchey comp stem
raceface evolve x-type cranks
raceface next carbon bar
giant carbon seatpost
terry zero saddle
odi rogue grips.
it comes in at just over 25lbs

thats enough talk now its time for some pics.

just a word of warning is that when i varsol bathed the chjain to get the factory grease off it also took off some of the blue teflon

btw can anyone give me some shock setup tips to help reduce bob?

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Sweet bike! I like the build..

As for shock setup tips... I think besides pumping the shock up more.. theres not much you can do. I guess thats why they give you the option of getting it with a 5th element:)
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