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I'm talking about the regular one not the wey one. Is it worth it or is it the same as say the gatorade powder mix???
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Quite different

Never mistake Gatorade for Cytomax. Cytomax has lots of other goodies in it. Gatorade is a lot cheaper for a reason. If Gatorade works for you, though, go nuts.
So it's definitely worth buying huh?

ADDICT said:
So it's definitely worth buying huh?
great stuff. personally it's all I use and I have tried a lot of other products. it goes against my better judgement but I buy into the lactic acid buffer thing they claim. but give it a shot yourself and see what works best for you.
one tip though....don't believe the hype. all that stuff they all quote as being scientifically tested and formulated to be better....ain't. the actual scientific consensus is that there is little to no difference in sports drinks... except the gu drink...that stuff is HORRIBLE... bought some in Moab and nearly choked on it for five hours in the hot desert.
p.s try the fruit punch cyto max it's la bomba
ADDICT said:
I'm talking about the regular one not the wey one. Is it worth it or is it the same as say the gatorade powder mix???
i prefer gatorade (diluted) during races and cytomax before races. cytomax during races upsets my stomach.

I tried for the first time riding last night. I have used it for years rock climbing; really helps with the forearm pump. I noticed less perceived leg fatigue and was able to push a little harder and longer. I don't think it has enough salt and electrolytes, however, as I had a headache afterwards. I don't get them with Gatorade.

Maybe I should mix them?
not me

cytomax gives me stomach cramps when I do a hard effort. But I have a pretty wimpy stomach.
Gu20 has been working very good for me.I like the light flavoring.Cytomax has also worked but it's to thick for my tastes, and if you dilute it,it takes away from the effectiveness.I have a mix of accelerade with Gu20 that works pretty well on the 5+hour rides.Otherwise I go with the Hammer Products.
I use cytomax all the time, mostly while playing tennis, since I have just gotten into mtn biking. I love it, and find it much better than anything else I've tried, and I've basically tried it all. My dad and his brother used to own a few GNC franchises, and now they sold them and opened up their own chain ( - maybe I could get some deals for ppl???) and so I've had the chance to try everything out there, and cytomax is my favorite.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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