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Last week JRM and I went to the Tour de Fat for some bike, beers, and bands. There was a free concert in Golden Gate Park where the Reals, and Robert Walters played and New Belgium Brewery provided the beer. All proceeds went to Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and SFBC.

Besides the bands, the crazies from Cyclecyde were there. They set up all kinds of crazy cobbled together death trap bikes that are barley ridable and no where near safe. Fun as hell to ride them though. I thought I'd share some pics and a couple quick time vids of the activities.

People brought out their cruizers.

And invited you to decorate your bike.

They built dangerous contraptions

Three dollar beers.

You had to buy tokens.

They had slow speed bike races.

No brakes, no problems

This looks safe.

The OTHER band.

Bike Jousting

There are more pics and the quick vids on

It's late so I'll link the vids tomorrow.


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Boy - Throw down a couple tokens then bike joust 6 feet off the ground. At some point the thought "Hmmm, a cup would be a good thing about now" may cross your mind :)
Camping would seem to be natural at soemthing like that. Imagine the jousting by fire light :p

That looks like a stupid good time, thanks for the pics!!!!!!!!
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