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What do you folks know about Cycle King frames/bikes? I'm looking on ebay right now, and there are several Cycle King road and mtb frames from the same vendor for seemingly reasonable prices (don't go buy these out from under me!)

I've never heard of them before as a frame builder, and didn't see any reviews on MTBR, which isn't reassuring.

From the pictures, these look like decent frames - could they be manufactured by another frame builder, or are these cheap Chinatown Rolexes, so to speak?

Cycle King Racing MAC705 frame, Aluminum main triangle, carbon seat and chain stays
1430g for 17"
buy it now price: $372

Ebay item number 380038380162. The auction doesn't say what kind of aluminum is used for the main triangle, and I can't even find info on google about this brand to check their own website.

Any info would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Be careful

I keep my eyes on ebay on a fairly regular basis, and the Cycle King products have been a pretty recent offering, mostly hawked by vendors in the Pacific Rim. This doesn't mean that they aren't any good. It could very well be that Cycle King does what a lot of other vendors do, and that is to go to a reputable manufacturer and have them build a decent product and slap their name on it. I'm only saying that from what I've seen personally, I'd be wary and wait until there's better feedback on the street as to whether or not these products are any good.

Just my personal opinion. That and $5.00 will get you a Starbucks coffee. :D

I stumbled upon the MTB frame while looking for a brake adaptor. I also happen to be in the market for a new frame, and for a few weeks have been looking at VooDoo and Salsa carbon/aluminum frames. Thanks to Pres. Bush, I have a little extra $$$ to (to spend domestically only) replace a 12 year old stumpjumper frame that's too stiff for my backside.. but I digress...

I looked closely at the photos, and noticed a website on the inside of the chainstay:

I'm intrigued, and may buy this one, but a crash last weekend left 5 broken ribs along with a broken collarbone, so I have six weeks to think about it.

Sizing is always risky, though I've had good luck knowing the geometry I like and ordering or purchasing bikes site unseen. I worry about too much flex also because I enjoy the climbs more than the descents.

I was a shop mechanic in college, and my career causes me to reocate every 18 months or so, so the value of an LBS isn't much as relationships never really develop.

If you've done any more research, let us know how your thoughts and opinions are changing. I suspect I'll probably end up purchasing an all steel frame, but I like the general idea of the softer rear triangle. I really enjoyed a Raleigh MT300 aluminum/chromoly rear hardtail I had before my stumpy.

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