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My apologies if I missed a thread about this earlier. What is going on with the cycle design group? IF you go to the link says that the group is finished. Is this true? Does that mean that the brasage brazing rods are no longer available?
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Try C04 bronze from Gasflux.

ok, that was fast. He's sent some borderline crazy emails to the framebuilder list over the last 6 months. This would be a minor escalation or a cry for attention.
him=initials FP?

Is FP having problems? That's terrible! I always did like the guy. Sent me an email the other day (last week) saying how great the cycle design group was doing. Then I saw the website and was starting to worry.
I am a friend of Freddy's. He only lives about 1.5 hours south of me.

Let's just say that all the real greats in this biz can be for lack of a better term, eccentric.

Freddy had a little disagreement with Curt this morning. Yes, I am sure the brazage products are still here and if you check back in the next few days I am sure it will be up again.

C-04 is a great brazing rod. Freddy's products were also great, but for different things. He sells great silver at great prices, I use nothing but his "stainless light" for lug brazing and on stainless I use fillet pro. For straightforward fillet brazing I use C-04.

Dave Bohm
Bohemian Bicycles
Just give it a few days.

Freddy + Internet = total chaos.

He is a great guy but has a hard time with online discussions. He and Curt probably got into some kind of minor disagreement that (as they do on the web) escalated. I would bet dollars to donuts the site is back within a day or two and business as normal (well, Freddie normal, anyway) is back.

FP was upset about the UCI banning bicycles that weren't available to everyone. Curt said that those of us that build custom steel bicycles are not going to be affected because nobody that follows UCI rules uses steel bicycles. That may not be true 100%, but it might as well be.
Freddy should smash his computer with a hammer.
I'm gonna cut and paste that website for nostalgia.

And Curt is right.
I like Fred

All my interactions with Freddy have been very favorable. I speak to him on the phone periodically, usually for an hour or longer. He always talks about all sorts of crazy stuff like spy planes. Glad to hear this is all just how he is and is nothing bad.
I think that turned out pretty well, his products are going to be sold by Nova.
One more positive review for Freddy here. Sure, the guy sends some pretty crazy incoherent messages on the FB list, but the few times I have dealt with him have been great. Smart guy, working on some cutting edge stuff but perhaps a little too much breathing of flux fumes over the years. As an engineer, its nice to see someone trying to bring new tech to steel framebuilding. Many of Freddys posts to the FB list have sparked my imagination whether they made sense or not...and they made me think about the science of framebuilding in ways I never would have thought of... The world needs more Fred Parrs.
Flaming genius or stable mediocrity? There's pros & cons of each but a business doing the the "I'm taking my bat & ball & glove and going home" because of someone casually asking what the fuss is about is more than a little whacked.
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