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Cutstom jersey and shorts

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Has anyone ever had stuff made from Voler, mt. borah, Chronic Cycling, Sugoi or Zbikewear? If so, how's the quality and how are the chamois? I have a set by Zbikewear and the stuff is ok. It's just for a local group of riders. Voler seems pretty pricey. I've hear that Sugoi has really nice chamois
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The couple of custom jersey's I have are made by Primal and Champion System. Jerseys fit great. I did just get a pair of Primal shorts, but have not worn them yet so I can't comment on fit/feel. The pad looks pretty good.
Champ Sys has always been regarded as cheaper; okay, but I wouldn't want to do an endurance race in the shorts. Our team has been doing LG lately and the stuff has been wonderful.
I have some mt borah (non cutom) bibs that I am very happy with.
My shop did Endura for our jerseys the first year, they were garbage!! I love there shorts and none custom stuff, but custom jerseys just fell a part.
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