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So I got this great new DT Swiss 240s for a wheelset that I'm going to have built up soon. I got the 10x135 version to stiffen up the rear. And I'm going to convert the star ratchets for 10 deg engagement. The DT PDF on the servicing the hub shows using the park tool AV-1 to get the tight fitting end caps off the hub. But for the larger 19mm cap the AV-1 is just too small. After posting on here "bad mechanic" recommended making a custom axle holder out of wood and gave me some suggestions… I jumped all over this since I'm an avid woodworker.

It's not often that you can combine two passions in your life! I took a scrap piece of pine and drilled a 3/4" hole (close enough to 19mm and I had the bit). Then I sawed a thin kerf through the center on the hole. For extra credit I broke out my dado blade and fashioned a thin lip to fit on top of the vise.

Here are some pics…

Needless to say this works like a charm. I know I could yank the free hub body and cap off at once by pulling on an installed cassette but that seems to barbaric for the precise 240... Even the small 3/16" protrusion of the cap is plenty to grip on with this vise. And I can easily fit a T-shirt rag in between the vice and hub to protect the anodizing. But I'm almost positive that is not necessary with the soft wood.

And all this has my mind wondering what other bike tools I can make out of wood. I've seen plans for a wood truing stand which I might try… Any other suggestions?

Thanks again Bad Mechanic! :thumbsup:
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