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hi fooks,
iam gathering information about the measurements of custom made mountainbike not custom build bikes.the details will be used for a new the moment iam doing an apprenticeship in italy at a small company that makes verry nice steel and alu roadbikes but dont do mutch mountainbike stuff.they have their own sizeing program but its primarely a roadbike program.i gatherd the details of my friends there bikes and their experienes, but in europe the custom mountainbike frame is not that populair.sinds their are quite a few peole here with custom made frames, i hope i can gather some more.i have been thinking of contacting companys but they probably will say that customers information is confidential and thus cant help me.ill try it though as a second option.
what would i like to recive?

the measurments of the ridder and the measurments of the frame they made bassed on those riddermeasurments.

the question list that was used by the builder and the answers.

youre comments on the frame, do you think the custom frame is an improvement on what you had before.what did you chance or what would you like to chance if possible.

and last if posible a side vieuw photo of you sitting on the bike in ridding position.

now i understand that i might ask alot.i cant really think of a way to give something in return, expect to take you out ridding when youre around here,i can say that youre effeorts will be well used and i really apriciated it its defenitly not a waste of time.

you can contact me at [email protected].
cheers michel from a not so clouded day in the italian dolomites.
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