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Custom Racer X Ti Bolt Kit

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After finding out Titus wants $125 for 5 bolts in their Ti bolt kit I was off to see what my options were. The Kit for the Racer X includes: Shock Bolt and Nut (Top), Shock Bolt (Bottom), Horst Link Bolts, Seatpost Collar Bolt.

I searched around and found bolts I needed at and You have to order from boh places due to no one selling all the parts needed.

There is some customization needed though. The bottom shock bolt can only be found in M8x60mm and the OEM bolt is only 55mm. I had to trim (hacksaw) 5mm of bolt off and clean it up with a dremel. This only took about 10 minutes so not a show stopper. The Ti Countersink Boltsused for the horst link has a slightly larger head than the OEM so they sit about 1mm above the chainstay but I've not seen the Titus bolts to verify theirs don't either.

So the bottom line. Instead of paying $125 I got all 5 pieces for $26.24 plus the shipping. The weight savings is around 25 grams so $1/gram. Not bad ad a fun project. I actually did my whole bike in Ti and Al bolts and posted the results in the Weight Weenie forum.

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$125!!!!!!!, did they raise the price of the kit in the last couple of months??? I thought it was 80 bucks originally.

I was torn to whether to do the kit especially when I was specilng a hope/salsa Ti seat collar when I parted my bike. Oh well, Glad I went for the kit anyways as I can't say I'm as handy with a dremel. You know lack of hand eye abilityLOL.
TiEndo said:
$125!!!!!!!, did they raise the price of the kit in the last couple of months??? I thought it was 80 bucks originally.
It was originally $80 and when the availability went down the drain first of this year they came back in May/June with a $125 price point. $80 retail and you might have my attention. $125 and I can do my WHOLE BIKE for less.
Racebolts listed nearly all the Ti/Al fastners for my X. It took them awhile since some parts were out of stock.

It was about 160 for all but about 3 bolts on the frame/componets. The ring bolts are from cambriabike.

The Ti bolt kits from titus, titus vendors are a rip. I thought about it, but when you can get an Ti M8 for about 6 dollars. The M8 is the most expensive bolt you are going to buy.
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