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Custom hitch + custom rack! pic

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I don't have to ride to the trails anymore! I'm using bungee cords at the moment but looking for some type of mechanism to sit on the vertical tube and hold down the bike. Anyone have an idea? I'm also thinking of switching to velcro on the wheels.

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I like it. Gives me a few ideas on what im gonna do when I make mine.
So did you already have a hitch on the car or os that custom too? More pictures would be nice.
Well I've decided to go against this rack idea. I want something that's going to run inline with the car. I didn't like riding 3hrs with this design doing 70mph. I'm thinking an L shaped rack with a diagonal support and a front wheel lock on the front. I'll have to take the front wheel off but it'll relieve the hitch off some weight so I don't mind. Here are a couple more pics after I painted it.

The hitch was custom made. It's based on the Chase Race S2000 hitch design (google). The only difference is this one can not be taken apart like the chase one. The actual hitch is a welded design but it's bolted on to the car. No drilling, I love my baby too much to put speed holes in it. :)

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