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hi ,

for my 50'th birthday, i decided to buy myself a " surprise gift ":) :)

i am 6 feet tall and currently i'm riding on a 2009 RIP / NINER - large with ett of 622mm.
fork is 120mm fox .
i like the feeling of the 120mm in front, but for the new frame ( hardtail - steel ) , i am not sure if i want it in 100mm or 120mm.
the builder recomended going for G2 fork - 100mm.
i accept tat G2 can give a better handling, since one of the best test bikes i had were the trek 69er topfuel , with G2 100mm fox f29 and a 69.5 head angle ( unsagged ) .
and i loved it .

the new frame will be a 29er HT and the builder recomends 69.5 head angle when sagged ( 100 mm fox g2 front ) .

please write your thoughts on 100vs 120mm fork / G2 vs " REGULAR F29" / 69.5 HEAD ANGLE .

my riding style ix XC - with " rolling single trails " , i like to climb also steep climbs and decent fast down ( the NINER have 71 head angle and i like it when going up but less comfort as going down )

thanks for advance for any usefull comment / advise
happy new year
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