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I'm considering commissioning a set of titanium cranks.

Bike has a 73mm bottom bracket, threaded BSA. Planning on the Wheels Manufacturing 30mm angular contact bearing bottom bracket (wheels part# BB-BSA30-AC). The wheels mfg spec page suggests the minimum spindle length for 68mm BB is 104mm, exclusive of any crank spacers and adjusters. For 68mm, the over bearing width (including seals) is 91.5mm.

Is this calculation correct?
91.5mm + 5mm + iscg05bracket (it's an add on) 2mm = 98.5mm
98.5mm - 91.5mm = 7mm
104mm + 7mm= 111mm 'minimum' spindle length

So the custom crank spindle is 111mm in length? Does that seem right? Should I include the clamp on the non drive side (see pic)? Is there any advantage to a longer spindle length?

Pic of crank spindle:
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