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A friend of mine builds sweet custom steel bikes. This is something he put together for his kid. :thumbsup:

"The mini-me is a custom 20" wheeled, single speed mountain bike with geometry based on a bmx mini but with a higher bottom bracket, slacker head angle and the ability to run 2.2 inch tires. The custom Wraith segmented fork is offset to match the head angle and has front brake mounts. Minimi wasn't complete without a custom hidden bolt stem, 2 cross alu. nipple wheels and shortened/tapped/trimmed sugino mtn bike crank. Every 6 year olds dream bike....."

He also builds some cool stuff for adults...

Wraith bicycles is dedicated to building chromoly steel Full suspension bicycles for DH (down hill) trail or all mountain, custom made for the individual and not the masses.
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