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Hi folks!

What's the current word on WTB Laserdisc Light rear hubs?

The price is right, weight is awesome and all in all seem a nice option... but just looking at the reviews section, these things have a bar reputation?

Has something changed?
Has WTB improved them to avoid all the freewheel and bearing problems?

I'm 140, planning on use them for average trail riding, I have low torque but hamfisted riding (ie... if the obstacle is there, why going 'round it?)

Thanks for any input.

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I just rebuilt an american classic version and I'm feeling better about it now.
Was pretty easy to put new bearings in, and only the outer freehub one was crunchy.
The real problem turns out was the axle. The threads were stripped in the lock nut area so it wouldn't stay adjusted. I'm much more careful now when working with those nuts on the soft metal of the axle.

So just keep in mind that to make it light they have to use some delicate parts, to make it cheap they use cheap bearings. Otherwise the rebuild was easy enough and it helped me realize what to watch for.

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I've ridden a set for two seasons and have had no problems whatsoever with them. I put on about 50 miles a week in the mountains of WV through all kinds of weather and so far have done just basic maintenance. From a post further down the rebuild kit looks very inexpensive too ($34 for new seals and bearings).

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A riding bud of mine just found out the hard way that the seals aren't the greatest (especially for winter riding) and you gotta be willing to service them at least annually.

But, they still appear to be excellent value, just keep on top of the maintenance.
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