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Current Beta on Goldmine and Jacob's Crosscut

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Wanted to get out and explore these trails near the Superstitions. I know where I'm going, but any details would be good.

How long the spin time and mileage to do this whole trail? I'm guessing about 25 miles end-to-end-to-end and ~4 hrs spinning.

Which parking area? I heard the Broadway TH starts with a major slog, so Cloudview might offer us an easier entrance and good spot to stage a car in the middle of the route. Is parking an issue at Cloudview?

Any B-lines etc. Ive seen a few spur trails that are supposed to be fun off E. Goldmine...

Any specific beta for getting from the north end of Jacob's Crosscut\Lost Dutchman Park across the road and into the Goldfields system? Figured we'd wing it through the old cowboy town...

Thanks for any details.
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The lot at Cloudview is a Football Field. I'm sending you my gps data for the Hawes/Peralta epic.

It looks like if we start at Jacobs on the north at 1st water and ride to the Peralta TH it's only 15 miles one way. I have no connector trail into the Goldfields yet, but there are plenty of dirt roads in the area. Surly we can find a way.

I'll PM KGMX24, he's local and knows of so much more in the area.
I'd be interested in the gps file too if you don't mind sharing. I am thinking of putting together a route from Hawes to Peralta as well.
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