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cup o' dirt- and how poorly the search function works

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first- tried searching to see if there was already a thread on this--- but the search function on this site is horrible and I didn't have three days to week may way through "matches".

second- anybody participating in this? It looks pretty cool. I sent an email last week and got no response. Noticed it was updated, was wondering if maybe the email addy is out of service.


post if you are doing it- interested in hearing about others trying this sort of stuff (and like the idea of a non-race situation where you are just going riding for yourself etc.), or post if you have contact info.

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I drank my morning coffee from my 2007 cup today. Depending how you approach it you can find all you want in a personal challenge, I think. My first 2 were at the Dirty Kanza, I did not do any more until August of that year, I just wanted something to do for the fall. Nice long days on the bike, I did a couple back to back, one on my single speed townie, and, because I got sick for most of the month of October, I had to do the last 2 in late December with heavy snow. All my ride reports are here if you are keen:

Have fun!

nice work!

I'm really trying to figure out a way to get a "full" in during January here-- it's going to take a hard effort.
I have my 2008 Cup o Mud sitting on my mantle right now, and just snuck in one for 2009. I managed 11 in 2008 and 6 in 2009 (plus some metrics). If you plan ahead and look at the weather, a January Hundy isn't hard to do. Ours in 2008 was about 111 miles IIRC, high of about 32. They're a lot more fun with friends. :)
wish I had those...

seems not too many want to ride as far as I do (who aren't way too fast to wait for me)

It's looking like this next week will be warm, may go for it Thursday as I only have to work 5 hrs that evening.
I'd love to give this a go, seriously tough to hit the dirt miles living in NYC though :D
looks like Saturday is going to be my best shot...

have an xc race the following sunday and out of town the last weekend of the month

the days are getting plenty longer too- with a high of almost 30 it should be very possible with room to spare.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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