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Cultus/Lemish Loop.

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Charlton/Lemish Loop.

Has anyone ventured up there yet this year? I'm looking for ride ideas for next week.

I do expect some blowdown, but I'm hoping it's a minimal amount.

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Oops, that title should read "Charlton/Lemish Loop"

(by the way, how does one edit a Title field???)
This ride is not yet ready for prime time. I took a leisurely drive up there this morning.

The first mile of the Lemish trail has many downed trees. When I extrapolated that over the course of the 20+ mile ride, I decided to abandon ship.

Then went to Dutchman Sno-park and biked up until the snow became too much of a factor (not very far). Abandoned ship again.

Finally, on the way down from the mountain, stopped to do Tiddlywinks/Funner. It's a dry, dusty mess.

Oh well, some days you just can't win.
Bummer! Thanks anyway for the report(s). Savin' yer bruthaz & sistern from a similar fate.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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