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Hello to all in the magura cult!!!!
I would very much like to enslave myself into service of a woman named Maggie (and her friends, Julie, Louise, Clara, and Marta). If ever there was a truth about intergender relationships, surely this is it: Guys are the Gas, and THESE girls are the brakes. If you all would be so kind, please bestow upon me the honor of induction into your secret sew-ciety (sew, thread, hahahaha). Qualifications? I have them all:
When riding the trails, I ritualisticly stop and beat all those not rocking Maggies.
I, without hesitation, dismiss anyone who equips their bike with v-brakes as completely full of sh!t.
I have laughed at people who faceplanted into trees because their cable brakes crapped out in the mud.

All joking aside, I would be a TOTALLY worthy inductee. I love trials riding, and therefore, I LOVE MAGURA.

Thanks for your consideration,
Graham E. Erickson, Sr.

P.S. If you need any sacrifices, I have access to virgins ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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