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Cul and Bike_freak's weekend ride...

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So Cul - Baire decided to come to sydney for the weekend much like the rest of his recent random travels. Stayed at my place for the weekend.. so much for the diet..:rolleyes:

Cul arrived from Geelong (in Victoria) friday night and we quickly rebuilt the highly disasembled/over packed Titus (the bag weighing approx 26kg - the bike weighs 11:confused:).

Saturday was an early start and we headed to the mountains (blue mountains out west..), here we parked at Glenbrook station and hopped on the train bound for wentworth falls - little did we know.. the 'door out of order - use other door' sign actually meant something...

So we arrived at wenworth falls station 50 crappy minutes later to find the train door jammed... So our ride was dealyed till the next station.:madman:

Sorry, but we just didn't manage to get any photos of the ride.. basically it was about 65km with some ripper descents, someone breaking their hip and a few climbing lessons for Cul (poor Geelong boy..). Andersons and Oaks for those that do not know is 'awesome' as Cul descrides.. fast, rocky, sketch, fun and fast. Very popualr ride and well known in sydney. A few 5+ km DH's and a few challenging climbs.

Sunday we hit Manly beach and took in some sights;). Hit the BMX track in the afternoon with Cul showing me that I'm really not all that fast... (I still feel it was his RacerX that was helping him.. after all.. I was on a 15.5kg dually..).

The last full day of Cul's sydney adventure and I decided to show him wisemans ferrry. We had planned to do the 60km loop.. but without maps, we weren't willing to get lost. We managed to get some photos from this ride.. but very few action shots as we were too busy riding:thumbsup: Wisemans is a road built in the 1800's by convicts to connect sydney area to places such as Hunters valley and Newcastle (I think:confused:).

The ride begins at the base of Devines hill (a 3km hill that is in restored condition).

Cul cruising once we met onto the real trail:

We soon hit a technical spot that was the first of many challenges..

Myself giving it a go:

So... I may not have made it.. after 4-5 attempts Cul was impatient:

10-15km's later we reached this intersection.. not having Maps - we weren't sure on the route to take if we were doing the 60km loop.
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Cul busy waiting round for me:

We soon reached our turning around point - the oldest stone bridge on the Australian Mainland (not much of a bridge at the moment..):

We then turned back around.. rode approx 20km back in the direction we had come via and went down Shephards Gulley road (I believe).. what a descent.. fast, sketchy and wet.. Yeehhaa!!... Sadly it meant we had about a 5-10km unexpected return road ride back to the ferry (yes.. theres a short ferry ride to cross the haweksbury river).. Cul taking in the scenery:

On our way back to the ferry - we met some rain.. but it quickly disappeared.. the Only rain of the whole weekend of riding - perfect weather!:

Cul reccons he is going back to Geelong with 'climbing legs' as there were some decent climbs to be had on our rides.. overall we did about 120km's of riding togething between Saturday and Monday. Good times and I look foward to catching up with him again and the rest of you MTBR Aussies at the gathering after my HSC in November:) :thumbsup:
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Nice ride report. I've almost got my new rig all setup now. Here's hoping the weekend has some good weather and I can get in a decent ride too.
Nice write up Freak!

I have not been on the bike in almost 3 weeks. Will hopefully get out this Wednesday night.
That scenery brings back memories of an event I participated in back in May.
Those sandstone sections and the Shepherds Gully Road were fantastic and one of the main reasons I will come back and do the Dirtworks again next year.
I didn't get to do that race.. I wish I had:)

Next year...;)
I am planning to ride it on the full rigid bike next year.
Yes.. I'm sure others are considering suicide an option for next year aswell...:eekster::p
bike_freak said:
Yes.. I'm sure others are considering suicide an option for next year aswell...:eekster::p
There were 3 riders that I know of that completed the course on rigid Singlespeeds this year.
TR said:
There were 3 riders that I know of that completed the course on rigid Singlespeeds this year.
Nice to hear. There was only 1 the first year :D
Great write up and thanks for sharing a few pics too.

To think I was in Sydney last week and didn't bother to bring the bike. Next time I'll have too (I always say that).
Nice write up Dave! Sounds like you two had a great weekend!

Cul certainly looks after the Titus that’s for sure. I’m guessing it took roughly 10 secs to pull it apart, and an hour to put it together? :D

The two rides you mentioned have been on my list for a long time. Especially the Wiseman’s loop. Lots of history. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a ride in sometime in November. :D

Cheers, Dave.
It was an awesome trip- I really can't add anything to what Dave has written. I had a great time doing some miles on the mountain bike and really made me look at riding in a different perspective and provided a break, which to be honest is what I needed. :)

I was actually quiet surprised at my ability to climb some of the hills, given I haven't been on the bike all that much since I was in Tasmania in April it was bit of a surprise. I had an awesome time bombing down hill too, Wiseman's Ferry was especially fun and would recommend it to any one... :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Low_Rider said:
Cul certainly looks after the Titus that's for sure. I'm guessing it took roughly 10 secs to pull it apart, and an hour to put it together?
Quiet the opposite really, I suffered drive train issues and tyre issues on the first day but they seemed to clear up... The bike takes about 30 minutes to put back together, but takes roughly 2.5hrs to pack for flying. I really do like to be careful.:thumbsup:
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