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Hey :)

Im having a difficult time assessing the "faults" to my carbon frame.
The frame is a: Cube stereo 140 c:62 race 27.5 side-swing frame carbon´n´flashorange 20"

About a week ago, when I was cleaning it I saw that there was some damage to the frame, just below the bottom rear shock mount, it feels like the carbon is indented, and the surface around it is very rough, almost like someone sanded it with sandpaper. Frame is less than a year old and less than 200km on it, and other than that, it is in perfect condition.

I contacted the company I bought the frame from, who then told me that it was normal on some frames, and that it was just paint, I then told them that it feels indented, and that I could easily feel the scratches.
They then proceeded to offer me a "good will" voucher code for my next purchase, or I could pay for it to be shipped to them, and they would then get in contact with Cube. (Im not even sure if I trust the company to do that?)

Aaand now im not quite sure what to do, I don't want to take the bike apart and pay for shipping, if it is just paint..
So do anyone here know if damages like this should be covered by Cube's 3 year manufacturing defect warranty?


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it looks like a concern or could be paint defect like collapsed bubble

since that is above the BB

remove crank and BB

get on that with a small metal wrench and tap around it lightly and listen for changes and get in that BB with a borescope or good lighting and check for internal damage that corresponds to that external flaw

chances are you cannot see it directly from inside the BB but you might
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