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It was Friday night that I decided Fair Hills, was not going to be a nice ride for Sunday. The freeze-thaw taking place each day certainly doesn't help the trails, especially with bikes on them. Rather than taking a mud bath, I opted to play it safe and stay local. There was still some snow on the ground and morning temps were 27F, This made the remaining snow nice and crusty. You know, the kind that makes noise when you walk on it. It also gave plenty of traction to the singlespeed.

The trail was in perfect shape, as this one usually is in the winter. Hard packed and fast, even with the snow. There seem to be some foot traffic on it, something I haven't seen here in a while, which packed down the snow just enough to make out the singletrack.

As it was still below freezing, the melt from the previous afternoon had frozen overnight. This created an incredibly beautiful effect throughout the whole forest. Tiny icicles shimmered like diamonds in the sunlight. The fresh smell of pine, the crisp cold air, and the peaceful surroundings made it a winter wonderland.

I was alone this morning. No big deal having the entire place to myself, but I wish others would have been there to see this first hand.

At the far end of my out and back, I stop to collect my thoughts at the pond. The thin layer of ice that lay across it was tempting me to through a rock, but I figure I'll be back again this winter and want to try riding across it. So, I'll let it be to freeze up.

On the way back, I was coming around a corner very fast and didn't realize that I was at the boardwalk section. I hit the first set so fast I didn't even realize it until I hit the brakes. Amazingly, I slid into a 90 degree turn on the boards and remained upright. I shaking and smiling at the same time. The boards were particularly treacherous today.

A failure here would have meant a very cold seven miles back to the car.

The sun had begun to melt things on the way back. It's amazing how fast scenery can change. What was once snow covered an hour ago, is not anymore. The icicles on the trees began to melt creating a tropical rainforest effect in the woods. It was a truly beautiful day!

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