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First of all, I am new to the forum, and have only just gotten back into mountain biking.

I ride a old hardtail Raliegh M30 with no shocks down some moderatly technical trails with a lot of rocks. I would like to put some basic shocks on it, nothing too fancy. I was going to put 80mm shocks on it.

Now most 80mm shocks have a crown to axle measurement of about 450mm. The current standard fork measures 406mm. I also understand that any shocks will have some sag. My question is will the sag offset the extra 44mm of height the front end of the bike will have? I don't want the front of the bike riding too high.

Any advice for putting shocks on this old goat would be appreciated, including a good basic shock, less than $200,with a lockout. Preferably something that can take a beating. I've never had shocks on anything. Oh and for the "what you have a Raliegh M30?" croud...yes and I love it. I don't want to upgrade to something else (an obvious choice). It may be heavy but its solid and has survived whatever trail I've thrown at it since 2001.

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