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Im having a tough decision here, I can get a set of Crossmaxx Enduro's through my employee purchase for a very nice price. Or I can build up a set of Disc 717s w/ Revolution DB spokes, brass nipples, and Hope Pro IIs. ---The reason Im considering the 717s is because I currently have both the rims, all the nipples and the front Hope hub. I know either would be a nice wheelset, but I honestly have no clue as to which route to go. I still need to purchase spokes and the rear hub, but that is no big deal. The Crossmaxx's are a great wheelset and I have been wanting to get on a set for while now.

Anyways, I was hoping maybe post this would help me decide on what to do. Honestly, I think I am going to build the 717s up because I currently have a set of 321s laced to XT hubs for my more strenious/tougher rides. That is another reason Im leaning more towards the 717s.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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