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I recently bought an 05 Turner Flux that I plan to use 90% of the time for XC riding and 10% of the time for XC racing (fun, non-competitive races - poker rides, local charity events, Sea Otter, etc.). I am 6' tall and weigh about 195# in riding gear. The bike came pretty well setup, but I am making some changes to best suit my riding style.

The bike came with DT Swiss 4.1d wheels laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs (centerlock) with what I am assuming are DT Swiss spokes. I don't ride tubless... someday I may switch, but I am in no rush. I am running Avid mechanical disk brakes (I think the BB5's) via Shimano XT centerlock rotors. My LBS said running a Shimano rotor with the Avid brakes was not a problem. I like the mechanicals a lot more than I thought I would, but I will probably switch to a light hydraullic setup eventually (any ideas?).

OK, now the delima... do I stick with the current setup, or do I mount the set of 2006 Mavic Crossmax SLs (6 bolt) that I have sitting in my closet? They probably have less than 150 miles on them and are in perfect condition.I think the Mavic's might be slightly heavier, but could they be a faster XC setup due to greater stiffness, resulting in less rolling resistance?

The DT Swiss 240s seem to be very nice hubs and mine seem to be in very good shape. The DT Swiss rims that are attached are true and also appear to be in good shape and true, but they are nicked up in places and probably have at least 250 miles on them.

I prefer fast, nimble XC bikes if that helps with anyone's advice.

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