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teamdicky said:
Why not?
They do use a steel cog carrier.
They do look pimpy.
What do you think?
I am using the Crossmax Disc SL on my Bystickel and they look great and ride very well, although I guess I assumed that it has an aluminium carrier, so I bought some King Kogs to make sure it did not dig into the freehub body. Not the lightest wheel out there, but light enough.

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Crossmax disc

I have been using Y2K Crossmax's for my SS conversion for about 8 mo's now.
They work great, but the spokes need to be tightened pretty frequently.

Well, at least what I consider frequently.
I went the first 3 yrs w/out having to have them trued of retensioned and now I am about to get them tensioned for the 2nd time since the conversion.

But its a small price to pay really.

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F5000sl said:
spokes need to be tightened pretty frequently
Sounds like they don't have enough tension in them - spokes should not come loose under normal use if tensioned correctly.

Disclaimer: I'm not sure about how the Al (or Zircal if you like Mavic's marketing hype) spokes might behave differently from standard steel spokes - bit of thinking and writing - Do the Al spokes have less ductility tha a steel spoke and thus come undone more readily?


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I had a set of Crossmax xl disc on my last two geared bikes with no trouble from the spokes but they seamed to flex some when you are standing and really cranking. I had a set of Mavic CrossRoc wheels a few years ago and I had lots of spoke problems with that wheelset. I would have the spokes tightened every few rides until they came loose in the middle of a ride and promted me to retire them to the spare parts room. I tought of useing the Crossmax xl's on my SS but havn't yet.
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