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Getting ready to pull the trigger on a cross frame.

In any case, I've been snooping around for some options for a wheelset. I know my 26" wheels well, but when it comes to these larger wheels, I'm a bit lost. The cross bike will probably use a bit more on the road than on the trails, probably 70% road, 30% trails. And even those 30% trails will likely be of the lightweight, cream puff variety.

I've seen some proper cyclocross wheelsets that go for over $200, but I've also seen road wheelsets that got for about $100. I'll be building this bike up as a singlespeed ride, but I'm not opposed to using a wheelset with a cassette body and spacers.

I saw this for about $140 from Nashbar - Shimano 105 hubs, Mavic CXP22 rims

And then there's a flip-flop wheelset from IRO, which is basically a Velocity wheelset, I think - for around $175:

Are there less expensive options? I'd like to not to spend too much more than what I've mentioned here - my budget simply doesn't allow for it.

Does anyone have thoughts, advice, etc.?

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Ride normal wheels for cross

That's the tradition: ride whatcha got.

The 105/CXP22 combo should be plenty strong. I'm 210 and ride old Open 4 CDs on Ultegra just fine. The other set, with the flip flop and velocitys should also be great.

Don't fuss, just because someone says they make something special for cross doesn't mean anyone needs it.

Anyway I hope this helps.

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