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I just picked up a nice second hand bike - "only ridden a few times," says the guy in the shop, and I'm sure that a salesman wouldn't lie to me - and I'm wondering what people think of it. I'm a rookie rider who has never owned a good bike or ridden a full suspension bike. I tried to find a good quality bike that can be used for a lot of different terrain, while I figure out where I like to ride and what I like in a bike. Did I make a good choice?

Devinci Guzzler 2004
Sram Attack shifter
Hayes 9 brakes
Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur
Shimano Deore rear hub
Shimano Deore front gear rings
Shimano crank
Marzocchi Bomber MX Comp fork
Talus Fox rear shock

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Dude, I have been riding for over 5 years and I ride a hardtail whose components dont even compare to that{good bike though}. If I can ride a 500 dollar hardtail at my experience level, then yes, you got a spectacular bike. Dont worry about it being too advanced for you{no such thing} that bike is pro level. I suggest you take it to the shop so that they can tune everything to suit you, but really, the thing is awesome. Get on it, shut your mouth and youre mind, and go have some fun.
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