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Crested Butte Fat Tire 40 - FTBW 09 June 24-28

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If your looking for a killer chance to get out to Crested Butte for a week - look no further. The First Annual Fat Tire 40 during Fat Tire Bike Week is on fire. The Mountain States Cup race is June 20th, and the following week is Fat Tire Bike Week - Sat the 27th being the Fat Tire 40. So much happening this year for FTBW, and it's for a good cause, that being Project Rwanda. FTBW can be seen here, and it's where to register for the FT 40 as well as all/any of the FTBW events.

Race details for the FT 40 can be seen here along with map and profile, and the course details. Its a 42.6 mile loop with about 34 miles of BLISSFUL single-track. KILLER prizes, beer and FTBW expo, then music by Wisebird at the Eldo. The race itself is going to be killer, but what a week to have in CB if your looking to get all the goods in. Email me with any questions but check out the sites for all the details and mad events that are happening - it's going to be a helluva week. - Dave - [email protected]
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I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

braaap braaap
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