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I was wondering if this would this be an easy way to convert an old halogen Mr16 to LEDs?
I happen to have an old Cygo light :aureola: and I just found these:
MR16 Cree LED Spot Light Bulbs
and MR16 Luxeon LED Spot Light Bulbs

Brand new LED light bulb in the market.
GU5.3 Base, 12V DC
Uses CREE XR-E Xlamp LED light bulb
Produces 100 Lumens with just 3 Watts of power
Equivlant to 30 Degree Spot 20 Watt Halogen
Save up to 17 Watts of power every hour
Extensive 50,000 hour lifetime of the bulb
Kill-A-Watt Reading: ~ 3 Watt Consumption and ~0.6 Amp

3-Watt High Power Luxeon LED to produce 75-100 Lumens of light
GU5.3 Base, 12V DC
Available in 4 Colors: Cool White, Blue, Red, and Green
Equivalent to 20 Watt Halogen 30 degree Spot light
Extensive Lifetime of 30,000 hours

$19.99 & $14.99 a pop.

Think this would work?
Think the beam would be too wide?


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