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cree triple and quad optics

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hi all
the 16mm triple and the 20mm quad optic,s that kaidomain sells

are they for the xr-e,s or xp-gs or can you use them for both?
regards thwang
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You would be lucky if you can squeeze 3 xre's in the tripple and 4 in the quad..

XPG/XPE's only i would imagine..
cheers goldigger
i think i best order some xpg,s ive only got some xr-e,s
I think the link that you posted are optics for XRE's.... not XPE/XPG. They list them as 16mm triple, however I think that is for each of the "lenses" in the optic, and not the entire optic. The diameter of the entire optic is 48mm...
Im bad... Yes if you scroll down the page the dimensions are infact:

- Big Diameter: 48mm
- Small Diameter: 16mm

I would assume thats 48mm wide and 16mm for each lens.? or it could be 16mm high..

When i read your first post i read the 16mm and 20mm which would be to small for XRE's hence why i said for XPG/XPE..

Its not very clear for anyone to gather any info on that sku..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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