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it's been very very dry in Norcal, so dry that what we call green some call yellow.

So dry that the week prior to Puff you never actually could see the sun, just an orange globe, so smokey in fact that the Western States 100 was canceled four days prior to the event. :eek:

Anyway, in Oakrige Oregon there wasn't just 'green' there was lush greens, shiny greens, deep greens, and super bright greens. Oh and there was this really blue stuff in the sky.

My buddy Todd and I dropped my wife and kids off at the inlaws in Adin Ca. on Thursday, and we continued on up to Oakridge.

Friday we headed up and did the upper loop for a preride. Wow, and holly crap, was muttered alot during the preride. One for the beautiful scenery, two for the *****en single track, and three for the duration of the top loop (part of lap 1 and 2). This was Todd's first trip to the Puff and I told him that this was going to be a good one.

Saturday, we do a short ride on the North Fork, and then headover to the School to check in. Check in was smooth, and due to the heat, we headed back to our hotel to hang out in the climate controlled room. My hat's off to those that camped....sticky! . We headed back at 4p.m. for the race meeting. After the 411 on the race, a raffle, and a sauna :thumbsup: we downed some grub and headed back for a beer and some shut eye. At about 8 p.m., hell broke loose from the sky and thunder showers emptied big drops on Oakridge and the camping puffers.

5 a.m. race start. It's a bit humid, but the temps are great.

In attempt to confuse my competition, I had an SS # plate but was running gears. I told Scott I promised not to shift. :D Actually, a slight back injury made me wisely switch to my geared 29er vs my SS so I could finish. Don't worry, I'm pack fodder, and just subtract SS 32 from your placing if you're an SS rider below me in the results.

The next 12 and half hours were a blast, meeting and talking with numerous racers, enjoying the INCREDIBLE support from the aid stations (BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers!), and enjoying every mile of single track Scott and the gang offered up.

IMO, this was my favorite version of the Puff and the most difficult. The last lap, made it quite the challenge mentally and physically.

Can't wait until next year!


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This was definately a challenging ride! It was my first time and unfortunately I DNF'd.
I was half way up the last climb to aid station 2 when I was told I was going to miss the time cut-off. Back down I go, I did end up doing 100 miles. I heard that the complete race was 108 miles.

congrats on finishing

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Pictures ofthe CCP

I just got back from a week in Oregon which included a trip to the CCP. I did not personally race, but rode most of the course, about 40 miles. That is one hell of an achievement to finish 2 laps on that course. The singletrack in Oakridge is outstanding! Being from Northern California I have done my share of Downieville, but I must say that whatever Butcher and the divides have Oakridge has and then some. Alpine Trail is fantastic, and Tire mountain is epic as well. And those three climbs at the end of Tire Mountain, what a *****. I was glad I only had to do them once. Anyways, I had two friends ride the race and both finished! So I had some spare time and climbed up the end of Alpine to get some photos of the racers finishing. I took 200 shots, so I got atleast one shot of most of the riders. Check it out here :
If I missed you I am sorry. I also got some great shots of the early morning fog, so check it out.

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In cog? Neato!
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"Those three climbs at the end of Tire Mountain" are actually part of the Winberry Divide Trail. The section between Aid 2 and Aid 3 included a section of the Alpine Trail plus the entirety of Tire Mtn, Winberry Divide and Winberry Tie trails.

It's Winberry Divide that takes the wind out of everybody's sails. It's kinda like riding a rollercoaster unassisted.

But how 'bout that Tire Mtn descent?

It was great to see so many friends of the Puff again this year. I'm heading up this Saturday morning to remove the last of the Puff course markings. I'll think of y'all... and all the suffering...

See you next year, or earlier if you're coming up for Mountain Bike Oregon, where I'll have the pleasure of serving as one of your guides.


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whole heartedly agree...

with regard to the Dville and Oakridge comparison.

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And hot, and humid

Long day and a great race. And a hotter, humid and harder course than last year. Windberry Divide was BRUTAL! I [T3] finished 4th in masters in @ 13 hrs and change, missed third by 5 minutes after I let T6 by @ the middle of of my final drop of Alpine - I didn't know I was racing for a clock, or I wouldn't have stopped to admire the views. Cest Le Vie.

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Cruel and unusual punishment

How can something so fun be so undeniably crushing? That was my 3rd Puff ('03 & '04) and by far the hardest, in part to the heat, in part to the course. Those nasty climbs at the far end of the course should officially be renamed The Three Fingers of Doom, the demise of many of us. I have already told myself the usual "never again", of course that has been said before so I suspect the lure of fun singletrack will fade the memory of that last painful climb sooner or later.
A big thanks to the organizers for taking care of every last detail from start to finish. The rumours are quite true. You can show up at this race with just your bike, shoes, helmet, and a positive attitude and rip it up for a day of well-fueled racing.
Now if we could just see the results online to confirm how slow we were going.


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Overall Place Name Plate Time Category
1 Kevin Rowe M6 9:38 M
2 Clint Muhlfield M39 9:51 M
3 Jay Petervary V58 9:56 V
4 Jeff Neilson V55 10:00 V
5 Tom Kosmalski T4 10:16 T
6 Sean Mclaughlin SS17 10:19 SS
7 Jared Swalwell M11 10:42 M
8 Chuck Gibson M5 10:43 M
9 Louise Kobin W3 10:55 W
10 Chris Mandell SS34 10:58 SS
11 Greg Martin SS18 10:59 SS
12 Nelson Snyder M9 10:59 M
13 Brant Ness SS37 11:05 SS
14 Kevin Hall SS27 11:13 SS
15 Todd Richardson V39 11:14 V
16 Eric Warkentin V24 11:22 V
17 Chris George SS24 11:31 SS
18 Micheal Seniuk SS25 11:31 SS
19 Jason Boynton V5 11:35 V
20 Todd Meier V22 11:35 V
21 Justin Robinson M31 11:35 M
22 Jennifer Wilson W23 11:41 W
23 Keith Edney T27 11:43 T
24 Matt Erlenbusch M10 11:45 M
25 Eric Nelson V14 11:48 V
26 Micheal Piker V59 11:49 V
27 John Weathers V4 11:50 V
28 Scott Bradway V43 11:52 V
29 Sam Clarkson V36 11:53 V
30 Kenny Jones SS5 11:55 SS
31 David Wilson V37 11:56 V
32 Mike Herlinger SS36 12:00 SS
33 Micheal Shane M43 12:04 M
34 Bart Nakano SS4 12:05 SS
35 Eugene Cathcart M18 12:06 M
36 John Vangorder M14 12:13 M
37 Kevin Hasley M28 12:17 M
38 Mike Castaldo V8 12:21 V
39 Leslie Williams W4 12:22 W
40 Pat Schott V41 12:26 V
41 Jeremy Ward M45 12:32 M
42 Joseph Johnson V12 12:34 V
43 Scott Bradway T11 12:44 T
44 Brett Foster SS3 12:44 SS
45 Erik Schulz V16 12:47 V
46 Kevin Noble SS16 12:47 SS
47 Mike Bobusch M38 12:48 M
48 Todd Johnston V6 12:51 V
49 Geoff Clark V31 12:52 V
50 Dave Bisers SS6 13:02 SS
51 Jason Asay M48 13:03 M
52 Gabe Klamer M50 13:07 M
53 David Ford V35 13:09 V
54 Scott Chenue M34 13:16 M
55 Nathan Uskoski M27 13:19 M
56 Jared Rammell M35 13:22 M
57 Steve Walsh SS22 13:24 SS
58 Isaac Gimazel M32 13:27 M
59 Chris Gardener T9 13:28 T
60 Dave Byers V25 13:29 V
61 Corey Coplea V26 13:33 V
62 Ken Thorp SS7 13:33 SS
63 Micheal Adams V7 13:33 V
64 Jim Kelleher T12 13:33 T
65 Charolette Klein W10 13:38 W
66 John Solomito T3 13:41 T
67 Mike Brown V27 13:43 V
68 Rob Robson T21 13:47 T
69 Roger Mankus T23 13:48 T
70 Drew Bauman M19 13:49 M
71 Andrew Lardinois M22 13:51 M
72 Patrick Ramirez V9 13:53 V
73 Brian Hughes SS10 13:57 SS
74 Rick Mattis V57 13:57 V
75 Carl Gurney SS15 14:04 SS
76 Shae Mayner M16 14:06 M
77 Craig Fowler V51 14:14 V
78 Madeline Bate SS26 14:17 SS
79 Angela Sucich W14 14:18 W
80 Melissa Byrd W13 14:18 W
81 Jeff Anderson T2 14:19 T
82 Wesley Cipriotti SS29 14:20 SS
83 Jim Willianson T6 14:26 T
84 Bruce Johnson V11 14:26 V
85 Garland Thayer V56 14:30 V
86 Bruce Frazier V45 14:30 V
87 Tom Purvis V40 14:36 V
88 Rachel Bagley W7 14:45 W
89 Adam Steffen V52 14:46 V
90 Scott Korn M2 14:48 M
91 Mathew Pacheco M17 14:51 M
92 Con Diamond T60 14:52 T
93 Tim Wykle T16 14:53 T
94 Jeff Leenhouts T13 14:54 T
95 Sean Robertson M21 14:55 M
96 Andrew Novikoff V50 14:56 V
97 Neil Brashnyk V53 14:56 V
98 Alan Streigle M33 15:01 M
99 Kevin Rich V21 15:09 V
100 John Maestas V17 15:09 V
101 Kristopher Wehage M47 15:18 M
102 Brandyn Gray W11 15:27 W
103 Korreie Dubray W16 15:27 W
104 Tori Fahey W6 15:34 W
105 Eric Kendall M40 15:34 M
106 Susan Sherman W19 15:42 W

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I finally have enough energy (and time) back to start working on the Puff again! I will update the results soon, here is a quick update (Sorry for the delay we had some timing problems at the finish line):

1st place = Kevin Rowe, time 9 hours 38 minutes.
2nd place = Jay Petervary, time 9 hours 50 minutes (1st place vet 35-44 years old).
3rd place = Clint Muhlfield, time 9 hours 51 minutes.

When the official results are posted at the CCP site there will be lap times from Aid Station #2. The DNF's will also be posted. 148 people started the race.

I'm looking forward to riding my bike this weekend! Mountain Bike Oregon is this weekend (put on by, I'll be doing some guiding there, maybe with my wife Donna on our new Ventana Conquistador tandem. See ya there?

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