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The Chris King headset on my old '97 Trek 8000 hardtail has been creaking for quite a while and I was wondering if there is anything I can to do stop it. The headset has been creaking on and off for years with various components so it has to be something with the headset itself.

The Kind headset is original (custom build in 1997)
The first fork on the bike was an Indy SL fork. No creak.
Aftter the Indy bent (2 yrs - 2001), I replaced it with a Manitou SX-Ti. No creak...
...until 2 years ago, then the creaking started.

Earlier this year I turned the bike into a single speed. Replaced the SX-Ti with a Noleen Mega-Air. Replaced the old Kore stem with an Easton EA70. Replaced the old Salsa bars with Answer carbon riser bars. Replaced all housings...cables...etc. Still creaking in the headset area.

Often times creaking from the headset area is from the stem or handlebars. But all of those have been replaced. All I can surmise is the headset itself is bad. I tried tightening the star nut...still creaks. I greased the crap out of both bearings...still creaks.

I've never heard of a King headset go bad...hence my denial that it was the headset itself. But I think either the bearings are worn or the cups are out of round.

Any ideas or help you can give me would be most appreciated.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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