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Creaking Fuel ex 8 '05

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HELP the creaking is driving me nuts! I have greesed the seatpost, tightend skewers, and determined that its comming from either the lower piviot or cranks. I dont think its the cranks or the upper piviots. I do have a tiny bit of flex at the lower piviot but i can not tighten it any more because it feels like the the hex bolt head is gona strip if i tighten it any more. My bike has over 1400 miles on it. Do i need a piviot upgrade or replacement?
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Greasing your seat post does nothing to prevent squeaking(and polish works better to prevent siezing.) Try making sure the rails on your seat are tight, as well as the seat its self(not the pole). Check your wheel hubs for play, and check your bottom bracket for tightness. Your bottom bracket may be worn out.
Looks like my egg beaters may be the culprit. They were very loose almost to the point of taking them off by hand!! Will find out today after work if that fixes it!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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