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Crash & Burn: FR Video

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I had a little trouble staying upright on Christmas Eve, but overall the conditions were great. Mostly packed powder with the north side being packed down a little better than south, although south was still very rideable. Most of the footage is from the north side. I hope to pick some studded tires up today...perhaps next time I'll make it all the way across the bridge?

Crash and Burn - more snowy Fort Rock from Pete on Vimeo.

Starring in this one is a lot of shadrack, with a sprinkling of a red-socked hcklr.

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great ending!

There is alot of snow out there:eek:
Great Vid! Looks like you guys had a conditions:thumbsup:
Thanks, Guys!

The snow cover makes it slippery, but a lot smoother than bare ground. It's a ton of fun to ride (I'll be more keen on the bridges once I have studs, although someone did a nice job clearing the snow on many of the bridges).

I'll be @FR again tomorrow as long as it's not steady rain in the late morning or early afternoon. I was at Mine Falls today and the conditions there were great.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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