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This Sat. I was out for my daily ride with my dad around a local loop. I was hauling bootay down a hill about 1.5 miles in when my front wheel decided to go sideways for no apparent reason. One second I was happily carving along and a microsecond later was slammed onto my left shoulder and neck. After the obligitory 1.5 mile hike out whith my dad pushing the bikes along, I went to the hospital to get checked out.
Thankfully there were no broken bones but I did manage to seperate my shoulder and tweak a long list of muscles. I also have a really ultra nasty bruise on my side were the end of the handlebars apparently got me. Almost looks like I was stabbed.
So here I sit all doped up on lortab and muscle relaxers wishing that this incident never happened and thought I might share a few experiences:

1) Seperating your shoulder should be avoided
2) Morphine makes you really nauseated before the pain relief kicks in
3) Lortab makes you sleepy
4) Either the Lortab or the muscle relaxer will give you cottonmouth to end all cottonmouth.
5) Carry a large bandana with you on the trail. It can be used as a sling should you ever need it.
6) If you pass someone on the trail that has thier arm in a makeshift sling - if you ask if they are ok and they say "no" - it is nice to actually help them instead of riding away.
7) IF you get hurt out in the woods - do not rely on anyone out there helping you.
8) Carry clean underwear and some shorts with you. This way you can change out of the wet chamois and avoid jock itch. You mother was right about this one. Trust me - 4 hours waiting in the ER is plenty time to get the itch.
9) If you do ride alone - carry a cell phone and make damn sure that:
9a) It is charged
9b) It get reception at all points on the trail - "No! I said im hurt! Not I'm Kurt!"
9c) Make sure it is protected from a crash
9d) Make sure you can reach it when you have one arm shoved someplace it should not be.
9e) see #1

The best I can figure out is this:
The trail had gotten a few days of rain but the trail itself was in great shape. Lots of people out riding so I really didn't think much of it. The sides of the trail, where the soil had not been turned into hardpack - was still really soft and pretty wet. I think my front wheel drifted a little off the trail and hit that soft earth then as it turned the contact patch hit the hardpack again and WHAM! So...

10) Even if the trail looks dry - use caution after the trail has gotten a couple days of rain - the shoulder is probably still wet and soft.
11) see #1

Even with help the 1.5 mile hike was painful - I can not imagine trying to get out myself in such condition. But then, if it was not dangerous - none of us would be doing it.

Have fun out there guys! Ride hard and stay safe.

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I turned around and returned, yesterday,

to a couple people who said they didn't need any help. I was glad I did, because ultimately they hauled the fellow out on a helicopter. He'd taken a header on a steep downhill section and was not quite all-together when I came upon them. I went down the hill another 1/2 mile, had a twinge of conscience, and pegged the heart monitor climbing back up to them.

Pictures at

It's a good thing your dad was with you, especially since others declined to help.
Glad you are doing as well as you are.
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