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So this happened yesterday.

IMG_20140409_200052_791.jpg IMG_20140409_200108_412.jpg IMG_20140409_200120_122.jpg IMG_20140409_200134_336.jpg IMG_20140409_200147_386.jpg

The neighbors saw it. I just heard the crash inside the house. Vehicle fled the scene, so I called the nonemergency police line, and they forwarded me to 911. Namely because I wanted to make sure the sign got fixed. The accident investigator on duty stopped by later, took statements from my neighbor and I, and took the debris with him as evidence. He told me a surprising number of these people later will falsely report that someone else hit them. So I guess my phone call may prevent some insurance fraud, also.

The truck/van/suv came so close to my mailbox that the pressure wave blew open the front and back access doors. A young lady and her little girl were walking by after getting off the city bus only minutes after this happened. I warned them to be careful when walking along the road. Of course, no sidewalk for safety purposes, even though there's plenty of room for one and this stretch of road has lots of pedestrians because of the nearby apartment complexes, multiple bus stops, and the grocery store and laundromat across the street.
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