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Crankset Decision: Shimano XT or RF Atlas

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This crankset will be going on a Heckler and will be used for "All Mountian" riding in Oregon. I can get a similar deal on both so price is not a factor. Which crankset is better in terms of performance and overall value. I'm looking for something that will be tough and not give me any problems. I am upgrading from a RF isis setup so either should be an improvement but which one will be the best? I have read a bunch of reviews but wanted to ask again and get some more recent feedback since many people have been running these for a while now.

If I'm missing something and should consider another crankset let me know.

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I have owned both, and use them for all mountain and some urban and light FR in Oregon. The XTs had a problematic pedal thread, never worked right, completely sheared out one day while changing pedals. Shimano refused to warrantee, so I helicoiled them and put 'em on my girlfriend's bike. And then I got myself a set of Atlas cranks. No problems with them, and I know RF stands behind their products.
go with the atlas

Buy it, install it and don't look back.

I've had mine for a season now, and I haven't had a single problem. Plus, you get the warranty so that, in twenty years when they break, you can get a new set free!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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