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Crankset 2002 Specialized Hardrock

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I am going to install a new bottom bracket cartridge and crankset in my '02 Specialized
Hardrock. The bottom bracket is worn and the chain rings 22/32/42 are quite worn and
appear to be riveted on the original equipment Specialized 175mm forged cranks.

Would Shimano Alivio FC-M410 Compact Crank Set work correctly ?
I would use the same square taper and a new bottom bracket cartridge with the same
size as the original (68 x 110). although subsequent years of hardrock went to 68 x 113.
I assume staying with the 68 x 110 would be most sensible.

The two issues are:

1) if the chain line is going to be correct with the Shimano Alivio FC-M410
Compact Crank Set ,

2) if this 9 speed crankset will work properly with an 8 speed rear derailleur / cassette
on the bike.

Or is there a more suitable crankset in this price range. Not really wanting to change
the whole setup to 9 speed but if this seems the proper thing than the appropriate
advice is welcome.
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I kicked myself a little for going SLX when I heard about this.
The lx are nice cranks.

According to Shimano the 113 will yield a 50mm chainline, so 110 would give you 48.5. Either should work fine.

Thanks from the heads up on the LX . They appear to be quite a nice step up from the
Alivio for a reasonable price.

What complications does the increase from 42 to 44 for the large chain ring have
on my setup ? Chain length and front derailleur adjustment / shifting is what I am thinking
about. Is it assumed these are negligible or do I need to verify certain measurements ?
You would probably have to move your front der a little higher and readjust it, maybe not if was installed high.

Most people suggest it's ok to run the same chain if it's in good condition. Ideally, you will want one that's a couple links longer. Mistakenly shifting to the big cog, big ring combination could possibly damage the rear der.

You will need another bb tool for the lx. They also require a little more maintenance - check the sticky thread.
Unless your chain is brand new, you can get a little better wear life from the rings by starting with a new one. Very well-funded people sometimes toss the cassette too, so they start with an all-new drivetrain when they replace the crank.

There's an outside chance that you'll have a problem with your front derailleur not shifting onto the largest ring. A few of the older ones, on some frames, have trouble shifting to the big ring on newer cranks with a wider chainline. You could probably fix that by putting one of the spacers on the left, until you're ready to get a new derailleur.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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