Two years ago at Eurobike, Crankbrother's launched its Stamp flat pedal. It was available in two different sizes, which were optimized for different sized feet. After a successful debut, the Southern California-based company is expanding the Stamp family to include more affordable and premium offerings. The pedals are now available at four different price points, starting at $80 and topping out at $300.

Crankbrothers Stamp 2 Large Matte Black

The Stamp 2 uses a die-cast aluminum body to reduce costs.​

Stamp 2

On the more affordable end of the spectrum, Crankbrothers now has the Stamp 2. Unlike the original Stamp (which has been renamed Stamp 7) and has a concave platform that tapers down to 11mm, the Stamp 2 has a 16mm platform.

Despite being slightly thicker, the Stamp 2 shares the same general visual cues and pin placement. The main difference is the use of a die-cast aluminum body, which helps keep cost down. Weight for the small version (100x100) is 415g. The larger platform (114x111) weighs 470g. Price is $80.

Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill gets his own signature color in the Stamp 3.​

Stamp 3

The Stamp 3 shares the same layout as the as Stamp 2, but uses a forged aluminum body. This cuts roughly 15g from both the small and large platforms, which bring weights down to 399g and 455g respectively. The pedal comes in black, electric blue, and a raw Danny MacAskill version. Price is $100.

Crankbrothers Stamp 7 Large Red

The Stamp 7 is the original Stamp pedal.​

Stamp 7

While Crankbrothers has ramped up its flat pedal offerings, the original Stamp hasn't gone away. The pedal is still available in either red or black, but is now referred as the Stamp 7. It features a slender concave platform, integrated bottle opener, and nifty grease port. Price is $150. Depending on size, the platform weighs either 345g or 375g.

Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Large Black Gold

The Stamp 11 pedals sell for an eye watering $300.​

Stamp 11

At $300, the Stamp 11 retails for nearly double the price of the standard Stamp 7. That extra cash nets you gold-colored pins, a titanium axle, and a ~50g weight reduction per size (299g and 325g) .

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