Tool time is getting a little more colorful thanks to the crew at Crankbrothers. This summer the California company is offering its three most popular multi-tools in four limited edition colors (black, orange, red, and green) in addition to existing colors (grey and gold). This is the second "colorful" program Crankbrothers has launched this year. Back at April's Sea Otter Classic they were showing off a custom color pedal program.

"Color is an outlet for self expression and it has always been an important part of our brand appeal," explained Kellen Trachy, the company's global marketing manager. "We brought a splash of color to the mountain bike world with our pedals, wheels, and pumps, and now we're bringing that same energy to our most popular multi-tools."

Those splashes of self-expression will be available on the m10 ($19), m17 ($28), and m19 ($34). The m-series combines high-tensile steel tools with a lightweight aluminum frame. The model numbers correspond to the number of functions provided. All are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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