The Crankbrothers Mallet is one of the most popular pedals on the gravity scene today. It pairs the California company's signature four-sided entry with a large concave platform that provides a secure foothold when unclipped.

Over the years, they've revised and modified that formula to provide optimal performance for either downhill or enduro. Both pedals share the same clip mechanism and internals, but the enduro model, which Crankbrothers refers to as the Mallet E, has a smaller platform body. The other major difference is q-factor.

The LS stands for Long Spindle.

The LS stands for, you guessed it, long spindle.​

While the DH pedals have a 57mm q-factor, Crankbrothers found that the majority of riders prefer a narrower 52mm q-factor for all around riding. This narrower footprint helps reduce rock strikes and offers improved maneuverability in tight single track.

Curtis Keene, Martin Maes, and Iago Garay began racing with the Mallet E LS at the EWS race in Aspen, Colorado. Photo by Sven Martin

Curtis Keene, Martin Maed, and Iago Garay began racing with the Mallet E LS at the EWS race in Aspen, Colorado. Photo by Sven Martin​

Based on feedback from their team and consumers, Crankbrothers is now offering the Mallet E with a wider spindle. This new long spindle model shares the same 57mm q-factor as the DH pedal, and is ideal for riders seeking improved shoe clearance and a smidge more stability.

Other features of the new pedal include a two-tone black and electric blue body, concave platform with 6 adjustable pins per side for grip, ribbed body sections for traction when unclipped, and chamfered edges to reduce rock-strikes. Traction pad technology allows for customization and optimization of the shoe/pedal interface. The clip-in mechanism features 4-sided entry, superior mud shedding, and customizable float and release angle. The pedal is available now and retails for $165.

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