The Mallet pedal from Crank Brothers is one of the most popular clipless platforms on the market. It's available in DH and Enduro specific versions.

To help shave a few grams, Crankbrothers put the pedal on a titanium diet. The result is the new Mallet E 11. It shares all the same internals and features as the standard enduro version but uses titanium wings with a dual-chamfered edge.

These two pedals may look similar, but the Mallet 11 is ~34 g lighter.

These two pedals may look similar, but the Mallet 11 is ~34 g lighter.​

Another feature intended to reduce the pedal overall footprint and reduce strikes is the 52mm q-factor. Unlike the Mallet E-LS and Mallet DH, this version uses a narrower q-factor (shared by the base Mallet E) to improve maneuverability.

These changes make the E 11 the lightest Mallet ever offered. A set weighs 385g, a reduction of 34g over the stock version. That weight reduction comes at a cost. While the normal Mallet E retails for $165, the new E 11 will set you back $350. For comparison, a set of $120 XT trail pedals weighs 408g. If it helps, the Mallet E 11 does come in a sexy black and gold finish.

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